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The most inspiring biographies that I need to read today.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before dying, the man who never reads lives only one” said a wise man. We all have heroes we look up to for inspiration through the peaks and valleys of our lives. The is nothing like a good book to cheer you up when you are feeling down. It has been said just a little inspiration can change a person’s life. The problem is most of the time we don’t grow up around our heroes and role models. People who have succeeded against the odds. Thus every now and then it helps to read a biography just to show us what is possible in life.

On that note I need to read the following people’s biographies if only to grow as a person.


I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man – JAY Z

JAY-Z is an icon of mine for two simple reasons. One, he is probably the most gifted rapper of my time. The were greats before him but no one has impacted my generation in hip-hop like him. However his hip hop skills are not the main reason I want to read his biography. Rather it’s the man behind the mic that inspires.

Born Shawn Corey Carter he is a rapper and businessman who married Beyonce in 2008 and has just welcomed 3 kids into the world.

You have got to admire a man who goes from the Marcy Housing Projects of Brooklyn to having lunch with Warren Buffett. A man who has hustled on both sides of the law yet is still committed to raising his family even though his own father was absent most of his childhood. JAY Z is an inspiration to many young black men. A true hustler whose biography I can’t wait to read.

Thuli Nomkhosi ” Thuli” Madonsela 


Ms. Madonsela is a South African advocate who helped draft the world renowned South African  constitution in 1996. She holds a LLB from the University of Witwatersrand and served as Public Protector for a seven year term.

It was during her reign as Public Protector that she rose to prominence in South Africa. She was bold, courageous and took a clear stand on issues. Here are some of her highlights as public protector.

  • Instituted a ground breaking report into Jacob Zuma’s Homestead in Nkandla. Concluded that Zuma benefited unduly from R246 million in upgrades.
  • Presented a report into state capture that raised serious questions regarding corruption and cronyism between the state and certain connected individuals.

Ms Madonsela won the hearts and minds of all of us by taking a stand for what is right in spite of massive political pressure. I’ll definitely read any book she publishes in future.

Robert Greene , Hilary Clinton and Michael Jordan are also people whose autobiographies I would definitely read. In summary , I would say that very few books can be as inspirational as a biography about someone you admire.



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