It’s all about those Jabs and Right Hooks.

17383989Gary Vaynerchuk remember that name. For a long time I ignored this man’s message even though I followed him on Facebook. I assumed he was just another loud motivational speaker. Boy was I wrong.

Gary does not beat around the bush as they would say in hip hop he keeps it real. I experienced this first hand while watching an interview he had with The Breakfast Club. The crux of his message is that self-awareness is key. In effect know yourself before you pick your hustle. Find out who you are rather than who you wish you were. This man is worth $160 million dollars yet he finds time in his day to inspire the average joe. We all feel entitled in some way but Gary reminds us that we are all masters of our own fate.

Specifically for us aspiring bloggers facing writer’s blog or stressing about the next post Gary Vee has some great advice. Simply document your process while you create key content. I’m running with that message and documenting all the way.

Gary Vee has a book out called Jab, Jab, Right Hook which is all about mastering social media marketing while connecting with people. It has received a review of 4.1/5 on good reads and is listed as a must read for anyone who wants to improve the social media presence and influence.


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